Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pets In Relationships – Part 2

Well here is the answer to pets on the furniture and in the bed.  There is no answer. As to right or wrong it is personal preference.  Another persons estimation of right or wrong doesn't make it right or wrong, it just isn't for them.

Pets on the furniture and in the bed indicate a family dynamic of the relationship and place a pet has in the family.  When it comes to relationships, if the relationship is important enough to either person or to both, compromises will be made on both sides.  That is what a relationship is.  It is a partnership made up of two people working together for the common good and benefit of each and the relationship itself.

People tend to find people like them in thoughts and beliefs.  The notion that “opposites attract” and form lasting relationships with complete contentment and joy on both sides is nowhere near as common as the stating of the phrase.

For most people a dog quietly on the couch or the bed is not a problem.  If the dog is overwhelming in its presence it can cause problems.  Generally most animals will quiet down if they are trained and taught.  There will be a learning period where the pet is not used to the change but like any living thing change is something we learn and get used to.

Remember these types of challenges in relationships are indicators of how we each will handle future challenges.  Whether it is in regards to in laws, pets, children, change in residences anything that might cause dispute.  How we each handle differences in those areas is as important to the relationship as all the easy things. Its easy to fall in love with someone exactly like yourself, if you like yourself to begin with.

Instead of looking at a challenge like a roadblock, look at it as a stepping stone, or an opportunity to find ways that do work!  If you both value the relationship to the same degree and place a high value on it a way will be made, a path will be found.

Why we are attracted to people different than ourselves can indicate a subconscious desire to grow in the direction of where that person is or a desire to change something we don't like in another individual generally because it's something we have had to change in ourselves that we didn't want to.  Either way, we need to either adjust compromise and use the challenges to build a stronger relationship or walk away if there is an impass. 

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