Thursday, February 3, 2011


Flirting allows people to express interest without making their feelings known.

1)     Social events are appropriate for flirting rather then business related gatherings.
2)     Flirting is usually a two-way street so appear available and interested.
3)     Looking busy by looking at your black berry, speaking on the phone or reading often deter interested parties.
4)     Circulate around the room and allow your eyes to wander
5)     Confidence is always attractive to potential mates, it implies belief in oneself
6)     Body language is an important part of flirting. In females some of these signals are smiling, giggling, nodding, and lip-licking.
     Male signals that convey interest are usually by projecting dominance, such as chest out or strutting

Flirting usually progresses from non-verbal signals to a verbal conversation. These conversations should remain light and non-aggressive. Starting a conversation on death penalty creates tension so stick to neutral topics such as interests, hobbies, or future career planning

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