Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gaining trust back in a relationship

Match your actions to your words; this creates more trust in a relationship. If you are all talk and no action the other person begins to lose faith, words must coincide with actions.

The other person must be informed at all times (especially in the initial stages). Open communication creates trust. Let your feelings be known to him/her. Guessing games creates confusion, false ideas and misunderstanding. Include one another in everyday plans and decision-making.
Before pointing a finger at the other look at your own behaviour. Ask yourself honestly, is it OK having done to you what you are doing to the other.

Do not keep score or tallies, live in the present. Keeping score will never make you move forward and have a trusting and healthy relationship.
Most importantly be willing to forgive each other and move on.

Creating trust requires work, it does not happen over-night, make this your JOB to be open and trustworthy and keep working on it. The more quality time you give to the relationship the more opportunities you will have to show trust and honesty.
Trust will build over time.
The key is to become an open book

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