Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Question: Face On Billboard Versus Personal Touch?

Home Sellers: Would you trust a face on a billboard to sell your most valuable asset and help you through a stressful life experience?

Your home can be your most valuable asset. When homeowners look to sell that asset, they often work with a professional realtor to help realize the best financial value for that asset.  There are lots of realtors to choose from.  Going beyond the financial transaction, homeowners may also want to consider who is in the best position to help with the emotional side of this equation.
High Profile Realtors spend years learning the business of real estate.  To get your attention, they invest heavily in advertisement on billboards and public transportation etc. As their business grows, their team grows.

They implement a systematic, cookie-cutter approach that gets results for them.  This approach relies on the realtors name recognition and leaves the team to actually work with you to sell the
home. It is a no strings attached approach where you may or may not meet and get to know the actual realtor.   But what the seller may miss with this option is the Personal Touch.

Beyond the financial aspect, your home can also be your most valuable emotional asset.  The event of selling a home often coincides with the need and desire to make lifestyle changes from providing a sanctuary for your growing family, to moving to another city for work, to downsizing in retirement.  Managing through these stressful times requires the help of a different type of realtor.  Homeowners benefit from working with a realtor who provides a personalized approach.  A realtor who takes a personal interest in the goals you want to achieve, who will go the extra mile and will be someone you can rely on and trust throughout the process. 

The question comes to mind, do you want to work with a name on a billboard OR with whom you are comfortable sharing your concerns and questions-in personafter all……Your Home Is One Of Most Valuable Asset.


David Gharat
RE/MAX All Stars Realty Inc.


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