Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Best Season To Sell/List Home??

Best season to Sell-List your home
A home is a valuable asset. Unlike depreciating assets, real estate is an appreciating asset. This means that its value increases overtime. In some cases, the increase in value may be phenomenal. Most home owners buy their homes for the long haul. However, most homeowners do sell their home at some point. Usually it is to upgrade to a bigger home. As a home is a big ticket investment in the first place, ideally a homeowner should get the best possible price for their home. One of the tips to get the best price for a house is to list it at the right time. As uncanny as it may sound, there really are specific seasons or periods when the real estate market picks up. So what is the best season to list or sell a house? Sources that one can respect and trust point to spring and fall as the best seasons for listing or selling homes.
Spring and Fall - Best time to list property
Toronto real estate market always looks to peak during the spring season. According to much research, May is the peak month for selling homes. Fall is also a favorable period to list a property. So for homeowners who are decided on selling their property, the best time to list would be in spring followed by fall and then summer. This would ensure that the seller has a better chance of selling the property at the optimum price.
Why Spring and Fall?
For those who are skeptical about there being a right season to sell property, there are some reasonable and logical explanations for the premise. Spring is the season of renewal and change. This also affects buyer sentiments and behavior. For pragmatic buyers, spring makes perfect sense to move into a new house because it is just before summer holidays. This means that for families with children, there will not be a hassle of switching schools mid-term.
Spring and fall are also comfortable for moving purposes as the weather is quite fine in Toronto at this time. Winter is too cold for moving and setting up a new home. Summer is too hot and uncomfortable. Spring and fall are perfect seasons for moving and setting up a new home.
Another reason why spring is a favorable time for buying a house is that it is a great time to show off a new home to its best advantage. Winter too gloomy and summer is too hot. In spring, everything is in full bloom from the grass to the flowers. The new home looks better and house warming parties are more pleasurable.
All said and done - List when the time is right
Irrespective of spring being the best time to list a property, it may not be the best time for everyone. So sometimes a homeowner has to decide when to list based upon factors that may be peculiar to them. For instance, for some home owners, the best time to list a property may be in winter. This may be so because they may want to buy another property, for which the sale proceeds will come in handy. So all said and done, listing should be done when the time is right.

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