Friday, January 28, 2011


Resilience is a term used to describe people who over come life stresses, negativity in life.
It’s a process of on-going change and effectiveness to achieve growth in life

There are some strategies and skills which will help us navigate.

Here are some hints

Develop empathy for yourself and others
Don’t be hard on yourself
Be kind to yourself and to others
Think positive about yourself
Draw on your strengths and facilitate growth which requires development
Think about your strengths NOT weaknesses
Make changes and choices that reflect the kind of living you value
Don’t compare yourself to others; everyone is different (Like the saying goes, “All fingers are not made the same size”
Explore positive thoughts
Find fun things to do which make you happy and make you laugh
Do not dwell on negative past
If in relationship or dating, do not compare your partner to another, like mentioned earlier we are all different.

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